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Hello to all good people,

canoeing or just those who have come to us to sit on terrace, have a beer or play the guitar.

About the camp

We are the boating camp, which began to operate under our leadership in 1990. We started in one cell and we think that we have raised a bit, although we are not saying that there is still room for improvement. Also on the work after each season, whether from hot meals and drinks selection, and tent to the place where we ever increasing number of places and the ground plane for you our residents.

Warm water, better heating and heat pump

Also in social services we are trying to do something that you enjoy with us. We have flush toilets and showers with hot water, where the 2010 season, preparing a better heating and heat pump for your comfort, so you can swim continuously and do not have to wait until the night turns CEZ power.

That is about it in brief about us and we look forward to your visit.

Information about our campsites and boat rental

We have several boating campsites and a boat rental service on the river. 

Our campsites are in Tršnice u Fanynky, Sportcentrumloket, Klub vodáků Karlovy vary, autocamp u Jezu Klášterec nad Ohří.

Our boat rental has a wide variety of different vessels ready for you. So do not hesitate and book.

+420 777 167 779 and +420 777 283 232

or by email:,



Barták Jaroslav

Rooseveltova E 146
357 33 Loket


Mobil: +420 777 167 779



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